Self-Defence Concepts

PURE Combatives

PURE Combatives is a Self-Defence class designed to teach you the fundamentals and advancements of self-protection and intervention skills. Active and experiential, you’ll get to learn and practice all kinds of movement patterns, avoidance skills, grab releases, counter and pre-emptive strikes, appropriate kicks, throws and more. Suitable for both men and women.

Self defence classes in Birmingham

This is not martial arts. It’s not competitive. It’s practical, useable knowledge and skills that could be a lifesaver one day!

If traditional styles are not for you and you want to progress under a more relaxed structure, this is the class for you.

It’s for anyone who wants to learn how to protect themselves, to establish positive lifestyle habits, to prevent encounters and to feel more prepared and switched on should there be a future incident. Training is dynamic and we put the graft in!

Partner training is the core basis of the session, the application of skill and technique as well as combat fitness workouts, pad work and situation simulation drills.

Personal safety skills

We stress that this is not an intimidating class and those less confident or beginning their training can start at any time and will be under the guidance of an instructor who will help them build both a great foundation of combative principles and their self confidence.

Once a person is keen to up the ante, we create drills and situations where their knowledge is tested and put under a little pressure to ensure best practice and the appropriate reactions to threat and attack.

Learning self defence

No-one is going to get it right 100% of the time and everyone improves through the discovery of their own fallibilities. Mistakes are our best source of learning, we train, analyse, discover and train again.

As well as it’s serious side and the stressed importance of the reasons behind learning, the culture of fun and camaraderie make the lessons non-intimidating and the students and instructors alike get stuck into the enjoyment of a really interesting subject.

For those motivated by personal achievement, there is the ability to be certificated all the way to instructor level.

Movement patterns.

Avoidance skills.

Appropriate kicks.

and more...

Grab releases.

Counter & pre-emptive strikes


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    • personal security
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