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Japanese Sword

The Kenjutsu and Iaido classes stands alone at the Kaizen Centre, as a niche interest class for enthusiast practitioners of the budo arts.

Iaido Birmingham

Non-combative martial arts, the practice of Japanese sword technique and methods and the art of drawing and cutting are both deeply rooted with tradition and spirited practice.

Whilst much homage is paid to the historical roots of the subject, these styles of swordsmanship have been evolved into a more modern cinematic style of practice.

Kenjutsu Birmingham

Forms (kata) are used to create precision cutting and control against imagined opposition, bringing the forms to life and ensuring that each type of cut and technique has relevance in the arena of imagined combat.

Beginners start with a wooden sword (bokken) and eventually can progress to the use of a blunt edged sword (iaito) as their ability grows and their technical prowess improves.

Iaido and Kenjutsu are profoundly spirited and self-reflecting subjects, but when combined with a flair for fight choreography and a bit of imagination, the forms and practice really come to life and brings modernity and excitement to a traditional budo martial art.




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