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Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology taping was first introduced by acupuncturists and chiropractors in Japan and now is used by health and performance specialists around the world to treat injuries and improve athletic and functional performance.

Whether you’re an injured elite athlete, an aching gym goer, an office worker struggling with workplace mechanics or a senior citizen with mobility issues, Rocktape can bring great benefits in pain relief, recovery and performance.

The Benefits

RockTape can help alleviate pain.

Taping can interfere with pain signals, ‘turning down’ the pain that injury causes.


Decompression of an inflamed or swollen area.

By lifting the skin and the layers beneath it, the by-products of inflammation can be more easily removed from the area, again relieving pain and promoting recovery.


Taping can delay the onset of fatigue.

Research has shown that particularly during a rehabilitation phase of training, RockTape helps pick up the lack of strength that injured and surrounding areas can exhibit.


Balancing and normalising muscle tone.

Injury and illness can throw the whole body out of synch, switching muscles on and off, out of their normal firing sequence. Taping can bring an inert muscle back to life and calm down a muscle that is simply overcompensating for another, restoring balance and function to normal levels.


RockTape’s unique 180% elasticity, allows for more movement than other taping products.

This allows for a fuller range of motion and a better distribution of load and physical stresses.

180% elasticity.

Delay the onset of fatigue.

Alleviate pain.


  • £30
  • Initial consultation
  • with taping

    • injury treatment
    • improves performance
    • aids function
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  • £10
  • Follow up
  • Taping

    • can alleviate pain
    • reduces fatigue
    • muscular balancing
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