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Bujutsu Academy Birmingham developed this style of Aikijutsu to be a modern fusion of traditional martial arts with a dynamic and progressive approach to self-defence and combative technique.

What is Aikijutsu?

Aikijutsu is a combination art with striking, kicking, locks and throws.

The modern style was written less than 10 years ago and features performance kata practice, partner application and combative practice.

It is hybrid martial art taking inspiration from Aikido, Karate, Kobudo weapons, a little judo and whatever else has been thrown into it’s mix.

New Martial Art for Birmingham

Like traditional styles, it offers the student the opportunity to progress through gradings to the coveted black belt. But it is far from the average traditional style.

Technical know-how and adaptations, from kicking technique and power generation to performance skills for kata, combat relative applications and a good old fashioned tough graft workout. Pad work, sparring and rolling drills, adaptive combative precepts to challenge the mind and body.

This ain’t no standard, run of the mill, trad martial arts class. It can be nuts! It’s incredible fun and you will get to work with an impassioned group of fellow practitioners, some who have been training for over 40 years!

In the same breath, we do however, take our subject very seriously. We believe in respect and honour, paying some homage to the old days, keeping the ‘Martial’ in martial arts.

Darryl Canham

Darryl Canham developed the Bujutsu style of Aikijutsu to bring together some years of martial arts experience and a creative flair that has taken some inspiration from him working in the film and gaming industry as an action performer and choreographer.

This diverse, artistic and functional style of martial arts provides several classes throughout the week, suiting men and women of all ages and abilities

Performance kata practice.

Partner application.

Combative Practice.

Hybrid martial art.

Event Hours(2)

  • Monday

    19.00 - 20.00

  • Wednesday

    19.00 - 20.00

  • From£60
  • per month
  • Membership

    • Professional Instructors
    • Mixed level classes
    • Respectful environment
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  • Benefits

    • Adults Only Classes
    • Modern Kata
    • Combative Skills
    • Club Camaraderie
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