Strength & stability training


What is proprioception?

Increasing body awareness and improving the body’s ability to manage and handle changes of force and direction. Not only is this class challenging, it is also hugely fun!

It may not always be high intensity, but it will leave you feeling very strong from the inside and out. Involving balancing, bounds and bands, each exercise asks your body to find greater amounts of stabilisation through intrinsic strength development.

This class includes eccentric, concentric and isometric exercises designed to be low load and low intensity, but will build a profound ability to control your body whether you work dynamically like a martial artist or dancer or in a more controlled manner, as would a yoga practitioner or someone performing Tai Chi.

Improve core strength

Beyond the core conditioning you would find in normal classes, we try to take the idea of core strength to the next level and see it as a total body stabilisation programme. Ankle, knee and hip strength for better balance, back and abdominals to lock in and protect the spine from injury and upper body strength to apply controlled force wherever you may need it.

Improve your balance and reactions

Through harnessing the connection of the mind and body during exercise, specific skills and motor activities, the improvement in balance and reactions goes a long way towards injury prevention as well as performance improvement.

This class is not only for athletes, it’s low intensity variants make for great exercise and personal training no matter what fitness level you start.
Looking for something new? You may have just found it!

Core Strength.

Improved Co-ordination.

Better Balance.

Low Intensity.



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  • Benefits

    • Helps prevent injury
    • Improves Balance
    • Better Body awareness
    • Variable intensity
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