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Primal Movement

What is Primal movement?

Primal Movement at the Kaizen Centre Birmingham is a unique, fun and physical class based around our human movement patterns. It connects you to your body through fundamental primal positions and transitions that work, load and stretch through the body’s natural ranges.

In life, we take our first journey across the floor on our hands, knees and feet. Primal takes this principle and adds balances, twists, stabilisation techniques, the progresses to a roll or perhaps a balance or 2! In keeping with this return to our childhood agility, this class is FUN! Serious fun..

Each class combines warming up the body through range, adds expansion and strength work, skills, balances, adds complexes and movement forms to help you practice, adapt and explore what your body is capable of.

What are the benefits of Primal Movement?

‘Primal’ is mostly low impact and offers a total body workout. The body combines its strength and stamina with strong utilisation of core stability, it lengthens and improves the working ranges of muscles and joints and did I mention that it’s fun!

Because the movements patterns are so ‘human’ and natural, beginners can start at any time, as the skills are easily adapted to varying levels of movement fitness.

Patterns and complexes can be general or sport specific. Lunges, squat positions, crawls, pivots, hinges, rolls, pushes, presses and pulls can all be sequenced together to bring challenge and improved health and posture. OR increase the intensity of the forms and sequences and you’ll get the ‘Beast Mode’ workout you’ve been looking for.

Dancers, martial artists, yoga fans and athletes, as well as anyone else, can all benefit from the combined strength, stabilisation, mobility and balance that comes with Primal practice.

Functional Movement.

Fluid Motion Pattern.


Athletic & Challenging.


Core workout!

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  • Benefits

    • Functional Fitness
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    • Core stability
    • Mobilise your body
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