Get ready to sweat!

Dynamic Yoga

What is Dynamic Yoga?

Dynamic Yoga at the Kaizen Centre is an athletic style of yoga, where positions and stances flow from one to the next. This class is designed to work with all levels of practitioner.
The class is sequenced by the teacher to fit in with the levels and abilities of the class to keep the body challenged and ensuring that correct posturing and muscular engagement are maintained.

Dynamic Yoga is increasingly popular with people from all walks of life. Professional sportspeople are turning to yoga to improve flexibility and core strength levels. From performance enhancement, injury recovery to career longevity, yoga should have a place in the lives of most people.

Yoga In Birmingham City Centre

This Yoga Class will encompass Mind, Body and Spirit. Whether a beginner or seasoned yoga fan, you will be guided through your practice and technique with repetitive systematic movements, opening your range of movement, bringing you finally to a state of physical and mental harmony.

The sequencing is devised specifically to engage and enhance the entire muscular system, to challenge balance through stillness and to provide one heck of a workout if you want it. Be prepared to sweat!

All levels of practitioner.

Powerful postures.

Dynamic movements.

Breathing exercises.

Event Hours(1)

  • Tuesday

    19.00 - 20.00

  • from£65
  • Per Month
  • memberships are available

    • Range of Yoga Styles
    • Knowledgeable Teachers
    • Mixed Level Classes
  • drop in
  • +
  • Benefits

    • Strength & Mobility
    • Improved physique
    • Physical alignment
    • Core stability
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