Harmonise with your opponent

Aikido Te

What is Aikido Te?

Aikido Te takes the fundamentals of traditional Aikido and adds to it a harder combative edge.

The foundation remains as a martial system of integration of one’s own movement with that of your attacker, to utilise the energy generated by the assault against the attacker, by use of turning movements, joint locks and throws. It is an art that has both internal and external focus and was originally designed to harmonise with an opponent to bring a more peaceful resolution to a conflict situation.

Modern Aikido Birmingham

Aikido Te, like Aikido is non competitive in its nature. Progression is attained by knowledge, understanding, performance and demonstration of technique against opponents and variety of potential threats.

Techniques are practiced against varied individual attacks as well as multiple opponent assault scenarios. These are the main antagonists to the aikidoka. The practitioner sets out to resolve these situations in the least violent way as possible. Attacks end with joint locks and subjugations, sweeps and throws. The practitioner instilled with a sense that at the centre of the combative circle, they must remain calm and in harmony.

Martial Arts Skills

With Aikido Te, the core essence of the traditional style is honoured, then an additional skill set is used to compliment the principles of Aikido. Appropriate strikes, even kicks can be added to the skill repertoire, to further the practitioners abilities and offer alternative routes to safety and self-defence.






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