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Bushido Karate is an exciting form of modern karate and was the founding style of the dojo in Birmingham over a decade ago. Whilst a lot has changed since that day, this dynamic karate style still provides an excellent foundation in the principles and techniques of traditional martial arts.

Kicks, strikes, takedowns, modern combative and street relative applications are all taught in a safe and upbeat environment. Technical practice through kata and forms makes this a strong performance art, as well as a great route into self defence.

Birmingham martial arts classes

Martial arts at the Kaizen Centre has become a great community of impassioned practitioners. Students of all levels encourage each other to learn, practice well and train at continually higher levels. Karate is still a global sport and art form and continues to be a stalwart of a style in the Birmingham martial arts scene.

The bastions of traditional styles of martial arts still remain at the Kaizen Centre, yet the old outdated forms of practice have been updated with more modern relevant skill sets and higher levels of physical conditioning. Karate at the Kaizen Centre is taught to be highly technical and explosive. Kata are utilised to hone that perfect technique and its principles are put to the test in plenty of partner work and modern combatives.

As with each of the styles of martial arts at the centre, gradings are available for those who wish to mark their progress and work towards the accomplished level of black belt. Gradings are not a pre-requisite but are suggested to develop targets and ambitions.

Performance kata practice.

Partner application.

Combative Practice.

Hybrid martial art.

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