What are the benefits of Kettlebell training?

Ever noticed those sets of spherical, handled weights sitting in the corner of the gym? Tempted to give them a go?  Too worried about potentially knocking yourself unconscious, or putting your back out? Well, worry no more, here’s a little break down on the basic ideas of kettlebell training.

What are Kettlebells?

A versatile alternative to conventional weight training, ranging from 4kg to over 40kg, kettlebells WILL build strength, working the entire body whilst encompassing other aspects of fitness. Strength endurance, explosiveness and cardio all get the benefits! Lifts, swings and movements performed with kettlebells are dynamic and fast, technically efficient and effective, getting the job done in one workout, with one piece of equipment.

Kettlebell workouts are challenging but strangely enjoyable, improving mental endurance, coordination, core stability and agility. They burn a ton of calories along the way too, and all within 30 minutes max! It is of no surprise therefore that kettlebells are popular within HIIT, Metabolic conditioning and Tabata training programs.

Kaizen Centre Birmingham Kettlebell Sessions

The explosive, fast paced, nature of kettlebell reps will raise your heart rate dramatically, requiring the use of a large percentage of muscle mass and a large amount of oxygen during both the work and recovery period. This helps to train your body to tolerate and quickly recover from periods of high-intensity exercise. HIIT, Metcon and Tabata are all extremely effective ways of working out.

Many of the classes at the Kaizen Centre include or are specifically about Metabolic training styles.

Martial Arts training and of course MetCon and HIIT! A typical MetCon class could well include a kettlebell workout as part of the warm up or as part of the main session. Sometimes, but not always!

Strength & Conditioning Technique – Kettlebell Swing

There are many simple moves that you can perform with a kettlebell, the difficult bit is learning how to perform them correctly. It is very easy to suffer injury through poor technique. Performed with correct timing and technique, the Kettlebell Swing strengthens your core and hips, encourages full body engagement and is a fantastic start point for fitness or complimentary exercise to other body-weight or weight training programmes. Perfecting this key move is essential as it acts as a ‘gateway’ into the repertoire of other ballistic kettlebell moves. You may be surprised as to how technical this simple lift can be, so ensure that you have good advice and a competent trainer or coach show you proper technique.  Kettlebell training encompasses many multi-joint exercises, an extended library of motions that are linked together through the kettlebell. It can move from simplicity to hard-core in no time at all!

So If you find yourself questioning whether you should do weights or cardio at the gym today, or you simply do not have the time to do both separately, then kettlebells may be the answer for you. If you’re looking to get into shape, improve your overall fitness, achieve excellence in your chosen sport, again kettlebells could be a part of your strategy. Get wise, get taught proper form from a professional and reap the benefits of kettlebell training.

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Kaizen Centre Birmingham classes inclusive of kettlebell training and tuition are MetCon and HIIT. Kettlebell coaching available as part of personal training and strength & conditioning programmes.

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