Weekend Yoga in the Jewellery Quarter

Enjoy unique, challenging and exciting weekend Yoga classes at Kaizen Centre!

Saturdays and Sundays are all Yoga shaped at Kaizen Centre these days, giving you the opportunity to get your weekend work out, give yourself a morning boost to get yourself going and a great chance to meet other like-minded yogis. 

We have a variety of yoga classes on offer at the weekends that are designed to fit in with your day but, as with all our yoga sessions, they are shaped to fit the people in the room and most importantly the individual. At Kaizen every person is encouraged to achieve their best, in line with how they are feeling… this isn’t the place for ‘off the shelf’ classes.. At Kaizen we are invested in YOU.

Saturday morning Yoga in the JQ!

Saturday morning yoga starts at 11am with our fantastic Energy Flow class.

This one isn’t a sleepy start to your weekend! Energy Flow Yoga is an exhilarating 1 hour session blending traditional yoga with an exciting original approach to yoga specific strength, that will boost and improve core stability, flexibility, self-care, stress management and relaxation.

(If you’re feeling extra energetic on your Saturday, why not join our 10am Metcon session before 11am Yoga, to really get the blood pumping. Our members love doing the double!) 

Sunday Fusion Flow Yoga

Our Sunday is a little different… 10am Fusion Flow is a graceful mix of familiar yoga flows, challenging development poses and traditional philosophies around relaxation and mindfulness. This is a class to take at your pace.. You can push it when you want to, but also relax and ease into it if that’s right for you!

You’ll always find something to learn and something exciting at Kaizen yoga classes! All of our instructors are highly skilled and innovative in their approach to ensure that you’re working to your best and having a great time!