Kaizen Centre Yoga – Setting up your Sunday!

Yoga in the Jewellery Quarter could be the best way to uplift your body and mind on a Sunday!

Sundays are a time for resetting, refreshing and rejuvenating. Shaking off the week before and setting your sights on the week ahead… an opportunity to take stock of where we are, dream of where we want to be and set our goals for achieving those dreams.

Buuutt… that can all go out the window if we wake up at 1pm, crawl to the sofa, order a pizza and watch Netflix all day! The secret to getting the most out of your Sunday is to set some intentions, so start the day right by giving yourself something exciting to wake up for… like Yoga!! 

Yoga has countless benefits, both physically and emotionally, and it could be just the thing to kick start your day, giving you the rest of the day to rest, enjoy and wind yourself up for the week ahead. 


What are the benefits of Yoga?

It focuses your mind. Giving time and space for you to zone into yourself, tune into your thoughts and sift through the busy muddle of work, family and pressures to how you feel inside. When we are stressed, the body can release hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, which makes us feel anxious, narrows our arteries and increases our blood pressure. Yoga has proved to help with stress relief, mental health and sleep through its qualities of relaxation, connection to deep breathing and focused physical activity. 

It increases physical strength and stamina. Helping you improve your all round fitness, aiding with weight loss, and lowering blood pressure, blood cholesterol and blood glucose levels.

Improved mobility and flexibility. No you don’t just need flexibility to do the splits! Increased range of movement will make you less likely to injure yourself and increase the variety of movements you can do. Yoga also focuses a lot on the back, hips and hamstrings, which is really beneficial if you sit for long periods of time in your desk job, as they tend to get tight during the week.

Helps with recovery. It’s important, in our training, that we’re not pushing ourselves to the limit every single day… rest and recovery is as important as the training! The lower level of intensity that certain yoga styles offer. can really benefit your recovery on a rest day; stretching out tired muscles, improving blood flow to any sore bits of the body and helping you reset for the next week of attack.


Yoga in Birmingham

Try out our wonderful Sunday 10am Fusion Flow Yoga class and see if it could be just the thing to help you achieve the most from your weekend.

Fusion Flow is an exciting blend of traditional yoga practices and fun, innovative flows, that will explore what your body can achieve, with a focus on mindfulness and relaxation. As with all our classes, it is adaptable to your ability and how you are feeling on any given day so come on the days you want to recover, on the days you want to challenge yourself, even on the days you’re hanging from the Saturday night before… there’s always space for you!