What is Gyrokinesis? The new class available at Kaizen Centre Birmingham

Originally developed to assist dancers in overcoming injury, The Gyrokinesis Method has boomed in popularity in recent years. Due to its combined benefits for both body and mind, a much larger and more diverse demographic of people are now practicing Gyrokinesis. With a huge following in the USA, it is now making bigger waves here in the UK.

What is Gyrokinesis?

Gyrokinesis focuses on your spines natural flexibility. Strengthening and stretching muscles through a rhythmic, flowing movement sequence. Set patterns deepen breathing, oxygenating the blood, stimulating the nervous system and opening the body’s natural energy pathways. Gyrokinesis creates a 3D workout experience, concentrating on movements involving spiralling and twisting.

Love Pilates and yoga?

The Gyrokinesis method is the perfect hybrid of the two, with elements of dance, gymnastics, swimming and tai chi thrown in for good measure. Making for an all round excellent alternative workout for both body and mind. Gyrokinesis moves are performed simply whilst standing, seated and lying flat with the use of a mat and a stool.

Back pain relief for Birmingham

Back pain is one of the most common reasons for work absence and the single leading cause of disability worldwide. Gyrokinesis eases back pain, simply by recreating what the spine should naturally be doing. The fundamentals are the seven natural spinal movements, forward, backward, left side, right side, left twist, right twist and circular. Everyday activities, work and general poor posture can all work together to compress the spine. The fluidity of Gyrokinesis movements allow a continuous body flow, exerting less stress and impact on joints. Muscles and joints are encouraged to relax, naturally releasing tension as the spine is elongated and space is opened up. Gyrokinesis is both a solution and a preventative measure for all kinds of back pain.

Gyrokinesis for health and vitality.

Great for over all health and wellbeing Gyrokinesis brings the body, soul and mind into union through mindful movement. The breathing patterns involved help to focus and clear the mind creating a relaxed state both during and after practice. Physically it gets joints moving, strengthens the body, enhances co-ordination and improves balance and flexibility. It can be quite a workout!

Gyrokinesis at Kaizen Centre Birmingham, Frederick St, Jewellery Quarter

Launching Tuesday 18th September, Gyrokinesis classes will be held Tuesdays at 5pm and Thursdays at 12.30pm. Adaptable for all fitness levels, from the sedentary office worker, the high performing athlete and those recovering from injury it really does have benefits for everyone.