A revolution for back pain relief.


What is Gyrokinesis?

The Gyrokinesis Method is a movement method that works muscles and joints through rhythmical patterns and breathing exercises. It’s hugely popular in the USA and the Kaizen Centre is very excited to be able to bring it into Birmingham city centre.

It’s method engages the entire body, increasing range of motion, stimulating the nervous system and creating functional strength and stability. It is a slow and fluid form of exercise and you could relate it similarly to pilates. It pays particular attention to the spine and works through it’s natural planes of movement.

Back Strength & Mobility

The Gyrokinesis Method is performed either standing on a mat or on a low stool. Arching, bending, twisting, curling and spiralling movements are patterns that are used to both articulate the spine and pelvis. The same patterns can be utilised for hip, knee, hamstring, thigh and the rest of the body. It is truly holistic!

As a health and fitness system, classes can be adapted to suit anyone’s level of fitness. Accomplished athletes, dancers, yoga fans, desk bound business people and particularly those returning to activity from injury, will all feel the benefits. Fluidity is the key, positions are not held for long periods, they are linked through harmonising breath, mind and movement.

Total Back Care for Birmingham

So, think yoga, meets pilates, meets dance conditioning, meets mobility and back care, with relaxation and stress relief. Then you’ll be getting somewhere near to what it’s like to do a class!





Spiralling movement.

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  • Benefits

    • Back pain relief
    • Improved spinal mobility
    • Total body engagement
    • Core strength
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